Our Partnership with the House of PMO

Healthcare Project Change Association and the House of PMO are working together to provide NHS PMO professionals with a PMO network and community to support professional development and help promote PMO as a change profession across the NHS. 

PMO professionals from across the NHS have access to education and training, capability development, networking and collaboration, research and innovation, CPD events, and workshops. 

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story and Focus

Established in 2013, the House of PMO sets the standards for professional development through the PMO Competency Framework and core certified PMO training courses to support practitioner development.

With PMO focused events every week, annual conferences in London and Edinburgh, hundreds of resources to support career development and opportunities for PMO peers to collaborate and work together to solve PMO problems. 

The Professional body for pMO practioners

A Home for PMO professionals where they can;

  • Develop themselves
  • Support the development of others
  • Contribute to the development of the PMO profession

Click below to check out House of PMO's web page for full details on the House of PMO Membership and associated benefits

Extend your HPCA Subscription or Membership & join the House of PMO

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Individual House of PMO Membership

As a subscriber to HPCA you can join the House of PMO with an exclusive NHS employee discount. 

 Enjoy benefits such as: 

  • PMO focused events  
  • The extensive member content library  
  • Reports and papers
  • Access to the PMO Competency Self-Assessment
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Organisational Membership

If your organisation is a member of the HPCA, as an additional benefit you may be able to access corporate membership to the House of PMO. 

PMO professionals in your organisation have full access to* 

  • House of PMO events 
  • The extensive member content library 
  • Reports and papers  
  • Access the PMO Competency self-assessment 
  • PMO practitioners access to NHS PMO events with HPCA and House of PMO

*A limited number of House of PMO corporate memberships will be assigned based on your organisation, Trust, or ICS’s HPCA membership.