Neuroscience for Change - LEGO® Serious Play® Workshop

Bespoke, on request, group training

Interactive Training - 2024

This 1 day, bespoke session will be delivered in person, on request. Commissioned for teams or organisations individually.


PRICING: Leadership Group (up to 25 people) £4,200* Excluding VAT |or Teams (up to 50 people) £4,200* Excluding VAT



Understanding Neuroscience for Leading Change

Introduction to the concept of neuroscience and its relevance to change and problem-solving.

  • Project Overview and Team Assignments Teams working on existing projects
  • Project Exploration and Building Teams work together to build models representing their understanding of the challenges within their assigned project.
  • Solution Ideation and Building Teams shift their focus to generating potential solutions for the challenges they've identified.
  • Sharing and Feedback Each team presents their solutions to the larger group for feedback.
  • Improvement Proposals and Next Steps Teams discuss the feedback received and refine their solutions based on insights gained. Facilitate a session where teams create improvement proposals for their solutions. Guide teams in planning the next steps required to implement their proposals effectively/following the day.


  • Apply an understanding of neuroscience when leading change
  • Teams solve their own change challenges
  • Build collaborative problem-solving team dynamics
  • Use the models to plan follow up actions to improve change success!

Facilitated by Jo Stanford

CEO, Healthcare Project and Change Association (HPCA)

2024 Dates

Timings & location on request

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