Becoming a Change Ninja

Dates available in September & November 2024, Only 8 places available on each course!

Interactive Training - 2024

These four modules will be delivered virtually (as 1.5 hour sessions, 1 day a week across 4 weeks) and provide a mix of neuroscience, people management tools and interactive examples to work through before putting your learning into practice with some real-world challenges.

  • Reading, online learning – Introduction to Change Management, videos and quizzes may be issued as pre-module preparation (maximum 2 hours prep time)
  • Between sessions participants will be asked to practice the tools in peer led tutorials before practising in the real world
  • Each module will start with a learning review

PRICE: Standard ticket - £525.00 | HPCA Organisational members - £395.00 (25% discount) * Excluding VAT

Module 1: Fearless Change

Your brain is hardwired to see change as a negative, and often induces the fight or flight response rather than see it as a good or necessary thing. Focusing on the neuroscience of change, fear and reward from an emotional, behavioural and feelings aspect we will recap on the ‘lunch and learn’ before delving further into understanding and shifting the brain from the fear/away state to the toward/reward state.

Once you understand this, and have the relevant tools, it becomes much easier for you to lead change because you will have the ‘know how’ to ensure your team and stakeholders don’t see your change as a negative but see it, and embrace it, as an opportunity for good/improvement.

Module 2: Change Mindsets

Continuing with the neuroscience of change this module will explore the impact of social pain, how that can manifest as emotions and behaviours and how to shift our focus to reduce the impact. You will now have greater insight and understanding of how change can impact you, and the associated feelings, emotions and behaviours that change can bring, particularly change that is unwanted or has uncertain outcomes. This will help you not only manage your own responses and mental wellbeing in general but will enable you to recognise when others are perhaps triggered negatively by change and how to help shift them to the toward/reward state.

In the second part of this module, we will begin to focus on tools that will help you avoid ‘triggering’ the fear response in the first place, which will ensure your change activity will get off to the very best start. 

Module 3: One size does not fit all

Change comes in different shapes and sizes; sometimes we are very clear on the end outcome, sometimes it’s a bit vague; sometimes we know exactly how to do something, sometimes we need to learn as we go. Knowing the type of change you have will help you lead it much more effectively and the tools in this session help you understand your preference, identify how to adapt your leadership style for different change types, learn to know the best time to engage stakeholders and determine how best to delegate key tasks to right people. These tools will give you valuable knowledge to help you deliver much more effectively, irrelevant of the type of change you have.

In the second part of this module, we will begin to explore how to really understand stakeholders from their perspective. This will enhance your abilities to approach them in a brain friendly way to ensure they become strong advocates for your change rather than potential blockers of the change.

Module 4: Stakeholder perspectives and tools for persuasion

Despite your best efforts you are still facing obstacles, often in the form of other people. Key people that you need on board for successful delivery of change and realisation of benefits but are still, perhaps, disagreeing. This final module will give you the persuasion tools you need to help these blockers see that your change is a good change and one they want to embrace. Remember you can’t change people, they can only change themselves, but you can help them understand in a way that will give them fresh insights and realise you are the person to deliver the change needed.

These tools, combined with your new understanding of neuroscience, will ensure you can become a true Change Ninja and able to take on the most difficult of blockers on your current and future projects

Facilitated by Dr. Tammy Watchorn

Change Ninja and Educator, Facilitator, Coach
Author and Speaker

Learn more about Tammy here

2024 Dates

25TH SEPTEMBER & 2ND, 9TH & 16TH OCTOBER 13:30 - 15:00

7TH, 14TH, 21ST, 28TH NOVEMBER 13:30 - 15:00

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