HPCA Training Courses

Our tailored programmes provide comprehensive insights and practical techniques to drive impactful transformations within your organisation. Whether you're aiming to refine your project management skills, navigate change effectively, or maximise benefits realisation, our expert-led courses offer invaluable knowledge and tools to enable your professional growth. 

Becoming a Change Ninja Virtual Training

These four modules, delivered virtually (as 1.5 hour sessions, across 4 days- 1 per week) provide a mix of neuroscience, people management tools and interactive examples to work through before putting your learning into practice with some real-world challenges.

Neuroscience for Change
Workshop - In person

This 1 day, bespoke session will be delivered in person, on request. Commissioned for teams or organisations individually.

Build collaborative problem-solving team dynamics and Use the models to plan follow up actions to improve change success!

SRO Essentials Programme Workshop - Virtual

The course will be delivered as a workshop virtually and provide a mix of theory and interactive learning activities.
5 Modules, across 1 half day course

Mastering Programme Initiation - virtual

This course, delivered virtually
(2 hour 15 min session) Tailored to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies you need to excel in the initiation of benefits management.

Our goal is simple: to equip you with the skills and confidence to lead successful healthcare programmes within the NHS and beyond.

Change Management Workshop - In person

The course will be delivered as a workshop in person and provide a mix of theory and interactive learning activities.
Session 1: What is Change Management
Session 2: My role in enabling change

P3GQA Masterclass
- Virtual 

This Masterclass will be delivered as a 2 x 1 hour virtual session

Providing the theory that underpins P3G and derives the key principles that form the foundation for effective P3G governance frameworks.

Booking for a group or team?

Contact us for group booking enquiries, we will provide a quote for group or organisation specific sessions, held at your convenience for a number of your team, tailored to your organisation