Our relationship with APMG International

The Healthcare Project Change Association (HPCA) and APMG International are working together to support professional development, through collaboration and sharing of insights to better support the Project and Change profession.

story and Focus

APMG best practice certifications are have been proven for over thirty years to deliver better outcomes by providing the skills, processes and frameworks needed to help individuals and their organisations to grow. They work with leading Scheme Owners to create certification programs which make a difference.

APMG certifications are delivered by their accredited training partners who are recognised for their commitment to delivering exceptional service. 

With a diverse portfolio of certification schemes including internationally renowned solutions for Leadership, Project Management, Change Management, Business and Information & Technology (IT) Management, Cyber Security and Public-private partnerships.  

APMG’s certification schemes and exam services support their goal of enabling organisations and professionals to maximise their effectiveness through use of the latest methodologies and core competencies. Successful candidates can also share their success with a digital badge - a dynamic representation of their certification for use on social media and online communications.

What do APMG do?

APMG is an independent third-party accreditation body and examination institute. APMG assesses training organisations internal processes, training material and delivery to ensure that learners receive a quality learning experience. APMG works closely with government and industry leaders to create best practice solutions.

APMG Certifications are designed to help you cultivate the skills and knowledge required to be recognised by employers as a highly competent professional. 

Realise your potential in a variety of disciplines or find a solution to facilitate your organisation's evolution. 

APMG Services:

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